How Does It Work?

How To Re-fill The ViVi Nova:

It is extremely simple to re-fill the ViVi Nova – no fuss, no mess, no problems! Just pour the e-liquid in straight from the bottle into the plastic tube by unscrewing one of the metal screws from the end of the tank. Screw it back on, ensure the drip tip is in place and voilà! It’s as easy as that!

How To Clean The ViVi Nova:

Just like filling the tank up with juice, cleaning the device is also just as easy! Due to the easy access into the plastic tube which makes up the main component of the tank, there is nothing too complicated. The ViVi Nova can be washed with water to remove any left over liquid before you want to start using a different flavour e-liquid with it. Once you feel that The ViVi Nova is not working as well as it once did or you notice that the flavour has started to fade – simply replace the atomsier head. Once again, unscrew the plastic tube, unscrew the atomiser before popping on a fresh atomiser and screwing this one securely into place- it couldn’t be simpler!

15 Responses to How Does It Work?

  1. Raymond Hollabaugh says:

    After a while the VV Nova just stops working and I get an 99 code on my V-Max. After I replace the head thing with another one it works great. Do I need to clean it, keep replacing it or is this some sort of electrical problem?

  2. Andrew Stump says:

    I love the Vivi Nova so I went out and bought two more. only problem is I have had two of my 2.4 ohm atomisers short out. one I can see but two ??


    I live in Forth Worth Texas 76179, I like to know a store to purchace the Vivi Nova Batt and thank


    I live in Forthworth Texas zip 76179.Where can I purchace the vivi nova


    I like the vivi nova a lot


    where is my reply?????


    what is comment =295???

  8. Ruben Quintanar says:

    Hi There.

    i purchased one of these vivi nova tanks and all i get is

    Vapor Vapor Vapor Nothing Burnt hit flooding and repeat.

    now i KNOW that i did something wrong because i honestly don’t know how to prime it so that may be it right there,

    thanks in advance for any information provided

  9. Jeff says:

    My Vivi worked fine… For three weeks. $27.00 down the drain.

  10. Ricky Lawson says:

    I had mine for about 2 weeks and it floods and does not burn anything also just like everyone else’s. i use it maybe every two days and only a few hits. not sure what the deal is, why with so little use it breaks.

  11. ROM says:

    The only problem I have with them is that the plastic tank keeps cracking at the bottom, which causes them to leak and break. I’ve had 2 go bad on me in the bast 2 months. I recently bought the metal tank, but haven’t tried them out yet.

  12. Michael Roberts says:

    I have purchased my very first vaporiser and I’m really disappointed. The tank is a Vivi Nova V2.5 i have had it for 5 days now and since day one it has been in a case and it has never been dropped. I noticed a few cracks in the tank on day 2 and was perplexed as to why they were there as i said it has never been dropped and always been in a case on day four it has started to leak through the cracks. I did some research and a number sources have said that the plastic tanks across all production be it the stv, mini 2.4 are prone to cracking. This is an awful design fault and i have now had to purchase another tank from a different company. Im really not happy and i would like either a replacement tank (hoping that the same thing doesn’t happen again) or a full refund as i can no longer use this tank.

    I would be very grateful for a reply

    Kind Regards


  13. roger says:

    I have a few of these and sometimes after I refill, my vamo shows 9.9ohms and wont vape…. I thought I was going through coils but found that this ALWAYS fixes it for me: first I blow both ways through it to clear any juice from it, then I loosen the top (where the mouthpiece fits in) a tiny bit – check that the impedence is now reading correctly – vape a few hits and tighten it back down. This works every time for me.

  14. Richard Haggard says:

    I bought a ViVi Nova 2.0ml tank about 2 and a half months ago. Used it for two weeks and needed to replace the coil, unfortunately my local supplier has not been able to get replacement coils for it. So my tank has been kept in my hard shell case to “hopefully” keep it safe. I took it out the other day to show a friend and the acrylic cylinder SPLIT on me. It had not been dropped or anything. So I DO NOT think I will be replacing it with another ViVi Nova tank.

  15. Jeff says:

    The Vivi Nova with the air holes in the bottom flange of the tank do not work for me. The vape is too airy. I do however like the Vivi Nova that has the holes in the 510 connection.

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