What Is The ViVi Nova?

How Is The ViVi Nova Different From Other Electronic Cigarette Devices?

 The ViVi Nova is a tank system and is certainly one of the most innovative electronic cigarette devices to date, and some have even gone as far to say that it is revolutionary. The ViVi Nova takes on a whole new approach to the tank system so that it is, at the moment, a truly unique product. The ViVi Nova can hold 3.5 ml of liquid and is extremely easy to re-fill – already making it better than some cartomiser devices that require no end of fiddling ad messing about with. To refill the ViVi Nova no syringes are needed as the liquid can be put straight in to the tank (the plastic tube) straight from the bottle. The atomsier heads are replaceable and are cheaper to replace than cartomisers making it win-win all round.

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Contents of the ViVi Kit:

  • Plastic tank

  • Removable drip tip

  • 3 atomiser heads

Please note that the ViVi Nova is just a tank system and as such does not come with any batteries. You will already need to have an existing e-cig that is compatible with the ViVi Nova.

11 Responses to What Is The ViVi Nova?

  1. Kurt Nielsen says:

    Is the vivi nova compatible with the e-bolt? If so, is there a particular model, version.

  2. ryan says:

    I have the 3.5 ml vivi nova and love it but the store I purchase my ecig equipement from began to only sell the 2.5 ml tank and equipment. When my 3.5 started taste like burnt string I reluctantly bought a 2.5 and it is aweful. At first it poped sputtered then it started to slowly leak fluid and now it shorts out the battery every time I attach it. I plan on returning it to the store but it doesn’t seem to be damaged or deffective as much as poorly designed. The carb location allows drips to accumulate on the battery and the point at which it screws on seems to ooze fluid as well. I thought you should know. Also it would be nice if there was less resistance when you take a drag, like a hooka.

  3. robert says:

    I have head a rumor that you are going out of business can you confirm or deny this.

  4. Cathy Bolling says:

    I have the the mini vivi nova
    The plastic threads melted into the
    Cap. So I can’t use the cap with the metal
    Tank I also purchased. Is it possible
    For me to buy a cap. Thank you for
    Any help you can give

  5. Dorothy says:

    Are they Durable? If dropped do they break?

  6. Ivan Lo says:


    My name is Ivan Lo. We are a hobby/lifestyle store lcoated in los angeles, wondering if we can set up wholesale account with you guys.

    We think the Vape market is hitting and we are planning to expand.

    We have a warehouse located in Irwindale, CA

    We are planning to open a Vape Shop in los angeles

    we also planning to set up another website to run the Vape Business

  7. Max Dizon says:

    Is the v2.5 compatible with the INNOKEN ITASTE SVD? And, does this hv cotton wicks?

    • nick hatheway says:

      yes the V2 is compatable with the inokin SVD. i have used it before and i just purchased two V2′s. it works well on the SVD and my provari.

  8. scott says:

    I bought a 3v tank and I am totally disappointed with it when I smoke it it tastes like it’s burnt . do you have any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong or is it just the unit that is defective?

  9. Bobbie Molle says:

    Could you please release a guide on how to spot non genuine vivi nova products please? As I have found a plethora of copies and have been caught out myself.

  10. Lucas says:

    Yo my Vivi Nova’s inner tube where you attach the atty head was bent slightly when I bought it. Leaks everywhere. Very, very disappointed with this product.

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